NFL Super Bowl Previews for Week 12

NFL Super Bowl Previews for Week 12

This post indicates that each team has its unique winning history and possibilities. Here are the previews from each team which you can consider.

NFL Super Bowl Previews for Week 12
NFL Super Bowl Previews for Week 12

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are the presumptive Super Bowl champions in 2023, so they must be disappointed that they haven’t been as dominant as projected. Most of the time, this is due to individuals being injured. Even if the club has struggled recently, its 7-3 record and tie for first place in the AFC East is still noteworthy.

The success or failure of the Bills’ season is determined on Josh Allen’s performance and health. Allen is really talented, and he frequently starts and leads the offensive. The offense has struggled to move the ball since Allen injured his elbow two games ago.

Buffalo will win if Allen’s status for the Super Bowl is any clue.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have a better chance of winning than the Giants do. When you consider how difficult the AFC East is, they aren’t even the worst team. The Patriots’ quarterback is the least dependable of the Thanksgiving teams. The week prior, Mac Jones completed 23 of 27 passes for 246 yards and no touchdowns. He was sacked six times as well.

Following their worst loss of the season, the Patriots will go to Minnesota to play in subzero weather. The Vikings’ run defense will give them confidence when they face the Patriots’ backfield. Rhamondre Stevenson was an excellent rusher before becoming a competent receiver.

New York Giants

The New York season this year has been fantastic. Barkley made a lot of money during his contract season. Daboll’s strategy, which relies mostly on rushing the ball and Wink Martindale’s defense, has proven effective.

Despite finishing with a 7-3 record, they did not win the title. There are just too many weak points on both sides.

Keep an eye on the Giants for as long as you can. They are presently in first place in the NFC Wild Card battle, but their chances of making the playoffs are minimal without quarterback Daniel Jones.

Detroit Lions

The Lions have the lowest probability of winning the Super Bowl of any Thanksgiving club. The squad with the lowest record (4-6) has won three straight games.

They are good enough to play against the Bills as of Week 12.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the top teams in the NFL. Since Dak Prescott returned from injury, there have been concerns about the quarterback situation. With a 7-3 record and a 40-3 win against the Vikings, Dallas is a formidable NFC opponent.

Despite the absence of Amari Cooper and Randy Gregory, Dallas’ running offense and defense remain dominant. The offensive has stabilized since Tony Pollard joined the team. If Prescott continues to play this well, the Cowboys may be the best team in the conference.

The Cowboys can still make it to the Super Bowl. They have a low probability of producing a lot of money, but they also have a large safety net. Considering their next four opponents, this is by far the most costly route to the Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were bound to have a difficult week at home after winning at Buffalo in Week 10. The Cowboys’ 40-3 victory at home astonished everyone. In last week’s Super Bowl odds piece, I stated that the Vikings won because they were able to use their stars to compensate for their poorer positional groupings.

Their pass defense, in particular, is rated 31st in the league. Quarterbacks who faced the Vikings twice in the past two weeks threw for more than 300 yards. They’ve given up at least 137 yards on the ground in each of the previous three games.

The Vikings are not doomed, but they do have challenges. Their offense and defense both require a large number of offensive plays. Kirk Cousins’ proclivity to lose his cool under duress is quite concerning.

The Vikings have no chance of winning the Super Bowl. Despite being 8-2 throughout the regular season, the squad may be eliminated from the playoffs after the first round.

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